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Machine Learning is the main workhorse of modern Intelligent Systems and Data Analytics.

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We are a leading data science and artificial intelligence trainers bringing tomorrow's technology in today's reach. The explosion of big data and the provision of computational infrastructure has turned data into artificial intelligence that can predict future, make informed decision and drive robots autonomously. If you are ready to dive into the world of future technology, them is your destination.

We provide hands-on training to lead you high in the Data Science career starting from core programming languages like Python and R to Deep Learning and its application in Natural Language Processing, Speech Processing, Power Analytics, Recommender Systems, and Sports Analytics


Certificate Programs in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science

Data Science Course

Machine learning (ML) is the main workhorse of modern intelligent systems and Data analytics.

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Python Programming language

You first step to dive in to the world of Data Science is Python. Get your hands dirty to start off.

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R Programming Language

An alternative Data Science programming language with rich visualization capabilities.

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Deep Learning with python

Not contended with the Data Science so far. Learn machine learning challenging human intelligence.

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Hadoop and Spark for machine Learning

Can't depend on one machine for big data. Use multiple machine to learn from scalable data.

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Natural Language Processing

Crunch plethora of online data and draw conclusions for informed decisions and deeper insights.

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Speech Recognition

Speech recognition, audio events detection, speakers audio diaries and human surrounding predictions.

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