Deep learning course

What will i learn

  • • Basic to intermediate level of Python programming for data analysis and visualization and learning of scientific packages such as numpy, matplotlib, scipy, scikit-learn and Pandas.
  • 2. • Understanding and developing machine learning algorithms starting from Linear Regression to Decision Trees and SVM, PCA and Clustering techniques. 
  • 3. • Learn a complete data science pipeline from data extraction, analysis, cleaning and feature engineering to developing and deploying intelligent systems.
  • 4. • Develop project portfolios in data science domain during the course of the project to enhance employability. Career Prospects: Machine learning programmer, Data Science engineer, Predictive Analyst, Data


  • Must be proficient in English typing. If not trained, go through any TypingTutor software Should have a basic understanding of Machine Learning concepts and Python. If not, try Python for Data Science and Machine Learning Course before taking this course. Bring laptops with pre-installed softwares. Registered students will be updated about that before class starts.



Target Audience

  • Graduates or final year students of all Engineering fields and Computer sciences who are interested in pursuing Machine learning / intelligent programing / Artificial Intelligence / Data Science as a career. Professionals in different fields of technology are equally eligible who want to enhance their professional skills in AI.