Machine Learning

  • Course level: Intermediate
  • Duration 30h 10m
  • Last Update December 1, 2020


Machine learning (ML) is the main workhorse of modern intelligent systems and data analytics. In this course, we offer a hands-on experience on different ML algorithms using Python, a programming language mainly intended for ML algorithms, without going into deeper mathematical details with the help of case studies and real-world data.

What Will I Learn?

  • Learning Outcomes:
  • • Understanding and developing machine learning algorithms starting from Linear Regression to Decision Trees, SVM, PCA, Clustering and other supervised and un-supervised techniques.
  • • Learn a complete data science pipeline from data extraction, analysis, cleaning and feature engineering to developing and deploying intelligent systems.
  • • Learn important python statistics and machine learning packages such as Stats-Model and Scikit-Learn
  • • Develop project portfolios in Data Science, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Image Processing domains during the course to enhance employability.


  • Good in python programming or have taken our Python Programming course.

Target Audience

  • Graduates or final year students of all Engineering fields and Computer sciences who are interested in pursuing Machine learning / intelligent programming / Artificial Intelligence / Data Science as a career. Professionals in different fields of technology are equally eligible who want to enhance their professional skills in AI.